Oil treatment for THT, HT, MTBT and HTBT

Oil treatment for THT, HT, MTBT and HTBT

During the operation of the transformer, Oil suffers from electrics arcs, which, combined to a rising temperature, leads to chemical reactions, generating an aggression on the intern component of the transformer. This internal deterioration produces water due to the cellulose (paper, wood, cardboard) separation. This water then produced, damages the dielectric strength of oil, and can lead to important or irreversible short-circuit for the transformer.

oil treatment is a major operation in the maintenance of the transformer. These treatments can be done with or without the transformer stop and guaranty a controlled- ageing of the transformer. It assures a consistent rate services with the expectation. The treatment involves filtration, dehydration, and the cleaning out of the dielectric oil of the transformer.

Treatment helps to re-establish the quality criteria.
Filtration helps to eliminate the solids particles (paper, steel, copper)
Dehydration helps to extract the water from the oil. The water comes from the deterioration of the cellulose.
The degasification can extract the dissolve gas from the oil. These gases mainly come from the rising temperature created by the electric arcs and partial discharges 

Our means :

Large capacity oil processing equipment developed by TM TRANSFO for the treatment of power transformers. It is perfectly sized to dehydrating operations on-site transformer live parts as well as for processors activations for voltages up to 400 KV.

Oil processing equipment perfectly sized for transformer oil treatment operations 60/30 kV and arrange for quick set transformer oil <220 kV.

TM TRANSFO also offers auxiliary equipment for complete autonomy on construction sites, independent vacuum system, pumping group of independent oil flexible tanks up to 45 000 liters, generator, ...

But also its measuring devices annexes spintermeter, vacuum PIRANI probe, probe for measuring water content measurement probe dewpoint.

And for your expertise and commissioning: Megohmmeter, micro ohmmeter, ratiometer, FRA extent ....